Aspl Kala R

Our CMD Mr. Dinesh Pandya sir is Self Motivated Leader. Being a leader is one of most difficult and rewarding position in this world.
Our CMD Mr. Dinesh Pandya sir self motivated leader desire to achieve above and beyond expectations. This comes from his passion, pride and desire to become better and the motivation to do things better than everyone else. I’m fortunate enough to adopt his tips in my personal and professional life to the best possible. I’m yet to achieve Gold/Diamond/Platinum slab in my work life but I’m proud to be a unique asset to the company with his guidance and support. Sir, support and encouragement allowed me to be a trend setter and set the bar high for the entire team in Agriculture products marketing. His coaching through meetings, seminar, webinar, etc is excellent. His coaching process can give a leader a new perspective and focus. His Coaching helps leaders implement personal and organizational change by providing support and keeping them focused on attaining their personal and professional goals. The way he promotes Ayurveda into a Global platform- to make decease free life, to make organic India, free from chemical fertilizer is extra ordinary and excellent. This makes me proud that I am a part of his company and the journey. With best wishes, Mrs. Kala Ramesh, Bengaluru, Karnataka