Dr Raj H Sharma


Hi Me Dr Raj H Sharma,
My native is Punjab, I migrated to Gujrat in 2001 and came to meet Pandya Sir in 2004. During these 16 year’s journey I had uncountable great experiences with Pandya Sir. Hats off to his working efficiency. I always felt that he is not only energetic person but a generator of energy. Always thinking high and to do something for society and also have a great common sense. I know personally manny people who worked with him learned a lot and then after established their own business and today they are successful businessmen. In past some companies taken him as brand ambassador and got huge growth in their business.
As well as concern to me Pandya Sir played a great role in my life. He always give me a brotherhood touch.He made a platform Addshop which gives me financial freedom. Addshop is only platform which gives me national level profile and going to be international also. Manny of my dreams come True, luxurious car, luxurious home fulfilled in only Addshop.
Financial freedom is a criteria after that only we can think for others and that I got after only came in touch with Pandya Sir. One great change comes in my life think only big ,credit goes to Pandya Sir. Another big change in my lifes comes only because of Pandya Sir that is to forgive anybody unconditional. Due to this change great great advantages come to my life. It just made me float up. I love his way to bring out the best in people.
He is a trustworthy person for me. I always believe what he says. Manny ways he is the reason I smile 😊 . He is a gift to everyone he met. I hope he is proud of himself because I am. I have no words to express my feelings, my love, respect for him. Thanks 🙏 to Pandya Sir for being an adorable part of my life.
”your thoughts shape your vision ,
You see what you choose to see.”