RPB SILVER Badrinath sharma vanajaa


Hello everyone

I am vasuki from hassan Karnataka.

First i want to say thank you addshop and also honable CMD sir for giving me an opportunity to work for society


I am the bank employees working in public sector bank i am earning sufficient salary my family is running smoothly.

but unfortunately my dream was very very big because i sa some families are suffering to get food,

i decided i want to help those people, but how?

I planned to donate some money, but! For how many people i can give? Then i thought to start 1 factory so that i can give employment, even i did also but unfortunately i losed my money instead of helping others. But still i was searching the right path..


Good’s grase my upliner my friend mr. Praveen interdused Addshop to me from the first day i started my business journey created my distributor i d in my wife name.


Last 2 years i am in this business i have given employment for more than 200 people and the good thing is

  1. I am earning by helping others with out investing a single rupee
  2. I am earning by helping farmars
  3. Even i am earning good yeilld in my form by using Addshop products
  4. With out any MBBS or BAMS i became doctor
  5. With out any agriculture degree i became agri doctor
  6. With out investing i became business man
  7. Most important i am earning more than my bank salary by doing part time work


This happened because of our beloved ❤️ Dinesh bai pandya sir he is given golden opportunity, the world greatest opportunity 🙌 to me and also 76000 people around the globe. He is really the great man the walking god,


Thank you sir